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[clwn] Panic Clowning Random Bosses

raid static doing full clears on monday and wednesday 19:30 CE(S)T with strikes on wednesday biweekly
Comprometido Europe Visita Discord Solet.8639

We are [clwn] Panic Clowning Random Bosses and - other than the name suggests - look for relaxed and quick clears.

We are currently 8 people and look for two more like minded individuals to complete our static.

Our raiding days are Mondays and Wednesdays from 19:30 to 22:30 CE(S)T. Usually we do W5-7 on Monday and W1-4 on Wednesday. If we feel like it, we also do some CMs. Every second Wednesday we also do some Strikes instead of Raids.


Like each of our member we expect you to bring utility/support besides dps classes. Being a support main is also fine if you can also bring some dps when needed.

Most of our communication happens in Discord so we ask you to join us there and at least listen to us. While we often talk about the actual boss or mechanics, we might also spend the time with stories about our life or just in silence. To understand us or at least our words we require you to be fluent in English.

There is also a guild which comes with the raid group. Joining the guild is optional.

There is no LI/LD or kill proof requirement, but we expect a performance comparable to our other members, meaning experience on all raid bosses and being comfortable with most mechanics.

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